Aptiva BIOS Updates

This flash BIOS update is for use on 2134, 2159 and 2176 Aptiva systems. It installs BIOS level BSTxx4I (BSTUS4I on US systems)
on Aptivas with the A-2 motherboard and the ATI 3D Rage graphics chipset and level BFLxx4N (BFLUS4N on US systems) on Aptivas with the A-1 motherboard and the SiS graphics chipset.

Executing this file will run a program which creates a bootable floppy. Booting the computer off of the floppy will flash the BIOS, updating it to the most current level. This can solve conflicts with new hardware and software that require information not in the original BIOS in order to interact with the system.

NOTE: Some users with with drives larger than 4.2GB experienced problems with the 1/22/99 release of COUFLASH (BST_4H/BFL_4M) which resulted in IBM pulling that file briefly and reissuing a debugged version on 2/11. More details and personal recommendations here.

Downloadable File:
    1MB [1,059,418 bytes]
    Released 2/11/99

  1. Download the COUFLASH.EXE file to your hard drive

  2. Insert a blank 3.5" floppy diskette in Drive A:\ and Double-Click on the COUFLASH file stored on your hard drive to run it. Running this file will extract the necessary files to create the BIOS flash diskette.

  3. Shut the system down normally. Be sure it is powered off, not suspended.

  4. Insert the BIOS update diskette in the diskette drive and start (boot) the system.

  5. A menu will prompt you to choose the desired language.

  6. You will be asked if you would like to change the serial number. Choose (N)o.

  7. You will be asked if you would like to change the machine type/model. Choose (N)o.

  8. The system BIOS will be updated. When the BIOS update is complete, remove the diskette and press the enter key to reboot the system. *** Do not do this until you are prompted to do so. ***
NOTE: Unless you are an authorized servicer, DO NOT change the model number or serial number of the system. Doing so could cause your Aptiva not to function properly with software designed specially for the system.

More Information:

This update adds the following modifications to both the BSTxx4I and BFLxx4M BIOS builds contained within COUFLASH:

  • Added DVD identification
  • Fixed timings for DMA modes
  • Added LBA seek command support
  • Fixed return codes for INT 13H Extension failures
  • Set up interrupt vectors if any drive is connected
  • Don't wait for reset on warm boot
  • Fixed ATAPI drive detection issues
  • Set default parallel port mode to extended capabilities port (ECP)
  • Don't spin up disks coming out of Standby
  • Fixed check for real-time clock (RTC) update-in-progress
  • Added checks for RTC update-in-progress in power management
  • Updated timer tick Y2K rollover algorithm
Complete revision history of the COUFLASH BIOS

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Do NOT turn off or reboot your system while updating the BIOS! Should you do so irreparable damage may be done to the system.

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