Aptiva 2139/2153 - Network support
Aptiva 2139/2153 - Network support
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Aptiva PCs support a variety of networking technologies including Ethernet and HomePNA (phoneline networking) adapters. IBM recognizes the productivity benefits of sharing resources such as printers and files in home or small business networks as well as the need for some of our customers to attach to a network in environments such as a college campus. In addition to resource sharing, consumers are finding that network head-to-head gaming is adding to the overall entertainment experience of the PC. Beyond these uses, an additional important use for Ethernet is emerging: Recently released are broadband modems that are capable of delivering data up to 25 times faster than today's 56K modems. Ethernet adapters provide a way to connect to a variety of external ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) and cable modems. As IBM continues to work with both ADSL and Cable providers of high speed Internet services, look for additional details and more information on our networking options for Aptiva PCs at http://www.ibm.com/support .

Supported networking configurations
  • Client in existing campus network
  • File/Print sharing, client situations

  • TCPIP is installed when the network card is installed, but the user will still have to contact their system administrator to receive an IP Address, DNS Configurations, and any Gateways and bindings that are required by the network. The user should also obtain a workgroup and computer name, if needed, from a system administrator.

  • Home or small business network
  • File and Print sharing
  • NetBEUI
  • Connected through an external Ethernet hub

Once the Ethernet card is installed, the IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, and TCPIP protocols that were already installed and associated with the Dialup Networking become associated with the Ethernet card as well. The user still has to install a client, enable file and print sharing through the Network Properties dialog, and give the computer a workgroup name before file and print sharing can be enabled. Help in setting up these configurations is not part of the standard warranty. IBM will not provide support for any non-IBM computers attached to the network.

NOTE: Aptiva is a consumer computer designed to be used with its original preload taking advantage of its multimedia capabilities. It may be used as a client in a campus network, in a small business environment or home business. Larger businesses needing the benefits of manageability should consider our commercial line of PCs.

The following chart shows which network cards are supported in Aptiva 2139 and 2153 systems:

2139 2153
IBM 10/100 BaseT PCI EtherJet Adapter version 1.6
(IBM part number 34L0801 )

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