Windows98 on IBM Aptivas

Standby, telephony and VPN

Information to help you avoid the known conflict between the Win98 APM features, telephony and FAX programs, and the Virtual Private Networking software in Win98

In Windows 98 Microsoft has encorporated the Advanced Power Management feature most Aptiva owners know as "Suspend" into the OS, calling it "Standby". As with the "Suspend" low-power mode option in the IBM proprietary "Rapid Resume", the Win98 "Standby" can be entered either manually or after a user-configured period of time.

Windows 98 also inculdes what is known as the Microsoft Virtual Private Networking adapter. This Virtual Private Network (VPN) is designed to allow you to connect securely to a private local area network (LAN) through Internet service providers (ISPs) who support LAN connections. This has nothing to do with more conventional ISP connections.

However, with VPN enabled a known issue will be a limitation in the use of telephony and FAX features after resuming from a low power mode ("Standby"). After using the standby feature if one has Virtual Private Networking activated such programs as Ring Central, Aptiva Communications Center/Operator and HyperTerminal will not properly functiion until you reboot the computer. For those who have no plans on connecting to a LAN network the suggested workaround is to disable VPN.

  1. Close all running programs
  2. Click Start > Point to Settings > Click Control Panel
  3. Double-Click the Network icon
  4. Highlight the Microsoft Virtual Private Networking Adapter network component
  5. Click the Remove button
  6. Highlight the Dial-Up Adapter #2 (VPN Support) network component
  7. Click the Remove button
  8. Click OK
  9. In the System Settings Change box, click Yes to restart your computer


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