Windows98 on IBM Aptivas

Windows 98 and ATI
The virtual desktop feature of ATI's Windows 95 drivers, which allows the user to configure a desktop size LARGER than the active screen size, is not available under Windows 98. This feature is not presently available under Windows 98, using either the Windows 98 provided drivers or ATI's Windows 95 display drivers.

ATI has not currently made any announcements regarding support for virtual desktop capabilities under the Windows 98 environment.

ATI has released enhanced Windows 98 display drivers as well as an ATI Video Player for our 3D RAGE PRO, 3D RAGE LT PRO and 3D RAGE IIc product lines. Point your web browser to the DRIVERS section of the ATI Technical Support website and select the appropriate chipset.

Drivers for other RAGE products (3D RAGE II+) are expected shortly.

No announcements or plans have presently been made to provide enhanced driver support for EARLIER products based on ATI chipsets such as mach8, mach32, mach64 GX or mach64 CT. Windows 98 provides built-in support for these products.

Thanks to Alvin Ginsburg for forwarding this
information received from ATI Technical Support.


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