IBM admits problems with new drivers

UPDATE 10/25/97   |   UPDATE 2/8/98

On Friday (9/26) the following was posted
to the IBM Aptiva Message Boards on AOL:

Subject: Re: Mwave 20D Drivers
Date: 26 Sep 1997 22:50:01 EDT
From: IBM John

At this time, IBM has found a problem with the installation procedure in the newest release of the IBM Aptiva Mwave drivers (versions 20D and 20E). We are at this time, recommending you do not download or install these drivers until a correction to these problems can be put in place.

If you have already downloaded and installed these drivers, and are experiencing problems with your MIDI player or Microphone; we are recommending that you restore your original Mwave drivers until the new drivers can be updated.

We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

John Houghton,
IBM Online HelpCenter [AOL]

10/25     UpDate    10/25
...and then there were none
        I'm pleased to report that after struggling with taming these drivers for over
        a month (during which time I felt like a full time "professional MWAVE installer"),
        I have finally got them working PERFECTLY. :-)

        There is no question that there ARE bugs...and in the files themselves rather
        than just the install directions. IBM from what I hear plans on releasing the 20D drivers on CD, and hopefully by the time that happens all the various concerns
        will be addressed. However, for those that do not wish to wait I can at least feel comfortable tellling you that all of the possible problems that you may encounter CAN be fixed:

        1. Reducing your graphics acceleration prior to running the setup
          will avoid the MWAVE v ATI conflicts which result in GPFs.
        2. There is a workaround for the MICROPHONE FAILURES.
        3. There is a patch file (MWSYNLSC.ZIP) available that corrects the MMSYSTEM003 errors.
        4. IBM has already released a debugged copy of AUDSTUSE.EXE
          that includes the missing file that has caused problems on some
          models. If you downloaded the file before it was fixed you can
          get VCTL.DLL v 1.64 here.
        5. And if you end up with the horrible sounding MIDI there are some
          excellent MIDI drivers available from Yamaha that will more than
          satisfactorily resolve THAT concern.

        While overall it has not been the most pleasant of experiences (Murphy's Law
        was in full swing in this comedy of errors...IBM's releasing a Norwegan copy of
        incorectly labeled AUDSTUSE.EXE last weekend took the cake), but all
        seems to have worked out in the end. The 33.6 modem support is VERY stable
        (unlike IBM's first attempt at 33.6 late last year) and most people report decent DirectSound support. Now that I have my MIDI back I'm happier than a pig in a
        pile of dung. If you've been hanging back the trail has been blazed, enjoy!


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