IBM has released to date
two different sets of install directions.

  1. The FIRST 20DDUS.TXT ReadMe, Which you can find HERE, while very detailed and quite correct for a REINSTALL of the drivers has only suceeded in confusing many attempting to install them for the first time. The directions you can find on my 20D page are is a CORRECTED version of the ReadMe that should be closer to what you should actually expect.

  2. On 10/3, IBM released a SECOND 20DDUS.TXT ReadMe. The key difference in directions can be found HERE. Besides the corrections to the MIDI sample installation to reflect a single set of MIDI samples instead of the Advanced and EMU samples as indicated in the first ReadMe (what ever happened to those, anyway???) the key difference is in step 4. Where we were told previously to use the floppy to uninstall the original drivers and then to go to Add Hardware in Control Panel to install, the new ReadMe instructs after uninstalling the original drives to return to Step 2 and install direct from the floppy using A:\Setup

  3. Due to the fact that the New, "fixed" instructions have caused me personally even more problems than the original, and since some IBM techs are still posting the original steps, these remain my suggested installation directions. Please be aware that these DO differ from IBM's current instructions.

    Install either way at your own risk